“I spend too much time working IN my business rather than ON my business.”

“I bounce around from task to task, not knowing where to spend my time.”

“I have too many things to do and not enough time to do them.”

“I don’t know where to focus my time.”

Nearly all small business owners go through this but it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’re going to be busy, be busy on the right things.

I’ll take that one step further.

Focus on the “right things”…at all times, no matter if you’re busy or not.

The reason many small business owners struggle with their time and focusing on the right things is because they’re unclear what the right things are. There’s SO MANY tasks you can do on a daily basis that many owners don’t know what to focus on to make a difference in what really matters to them – their time and their profit.

When we don’t know what really matters and will make a difference in our business, we tend to be more scattered. This is when that feeling of spinning your wheels shows up.

When we know what will make a difference that matters to us and the business, we are much more likely to focus (and be less busy) on those things.

Clarity brings focus.

So about those “right things”, how do you know what they are?

We need to start by defining what’s important to you.

Most business owners we’ve worked with can put their ‘what’s important’ into one of two buckets – time or money…oftentimes it is a mix of both. A third bucket would be legacy, or impact.

You need to understand your primary goal of owning your business so you can create business goals from top to bottom. We talk about that in more detail in this article so I recommend you pause and check that out if you missed it.

Having goals in the business is a critical step to give you better focus on what matters because this is where you define the specifics about what matters most. This is the beginning of your journey to focusing on what matters.

Once you’ve defined what matters, now you need to know how you’ll achieve it.

If you’ve missed our articles talking about the 15 key drivers you should understand in your business, now is a good time to read about them. (Sorry for sending you all over the place, but it’s information you need to know if you missed it.)

5 Revenue Drivers
5 Profit Drivers
5 Cash Flow Drivers

As a refresher, there’s 15 key drivers you have to change your revenue, profit and cash flow. These become your ‘how’ – how you will achieve your goals.

You can set targets for the 15 key drivers (or even just the 10 revenue and profit drivers to start) which will lead you to your goals.

Once you set these targets, you need to monitor how you’re performing against each one of them. We call this, keeping score.

Now that you know where you stand against where you want to go, clarity starts to develop and your ability to focus will begin to improve. Here’s an example (which we’ve seen in real life):

When you see your conversion rate is half where it should be and this is going to have a major impact in achieving your profit goals, you’re going to stop worrying about that 7th iteration of your new logo design and start focusing on how to improve your conversion rate. You’re also going to start learning how to better delegate the less important tasks or decisions so you can focus on what matters, or drive that focus to the right members of the team.

You will do that because you’ve now made the connection between your company’s ability to close sales and your ability to reach your goals. Without going through the above process, that connection doesn’t exist.

Throughout this process you’re also becoming a better leader of your business.

  • You have goals
  • You have a clear vision of how to achieve those goals
  • You are tracking your progress against the goals.
  • You’re using data to drive your decision making and actions as a leader.
  • You’re focused on what matters most to the business.
  • You’re delegating.

If you’re tired of being tired and spinning your wheels, not seeing the results you want to see, you need to start here. Invest in this process now to pay huge dividends to your future. Your future, and your business’ future.

If you want to talk to us about doing this for you, to keep you focused on what matters to you and your business, click here to setup a short call to chat about your business.

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