About us

We help small business owners take control of the numbers that steer their business, so they can grow revenue, profit and cash flow while building a thriving business.

We built Ascendwise to give small business owners a fighting chance against the massive failure rate of 50% in 5 years (according to the SBA). We love the world of small business ownership. We believe life is better for everyone when the best in their craft are starting successful businesses and we love to see it happen.

The problem is, they need help. They quickly find themselves overworked, wearing too many hats and doing things they’re not good at and don’t like – managing and interpreting financials and setting roadmaps to goals is one of those things.

Chaos sets in, it gets stressful, cash gets tight, relationships and mood suffer and what do they do? They buckle down and work harder because that’s what they’re good at – they get stuff done. However, this isn’t always the best move. This is where we come in.

We implement a framework that’s straightforward and focuses on inputs (we call drivers) which non-financial business owners can understand and we help them act on it. The result is a more profitable, cash-rich, business which morphs from one which used to work only because of them to one that can work without them (if they choose).

Ultimately we are here to monitor the health of the business, track profitability and cash flow and suggest corrective actions to improve. As a result, the business owner becomes more like the CEO of their company, starting to use data to drive decision-making and being more intentional about their numbers and decisions than they ever have been before.

Finally, if you made it this far, thanks for reading our About page. We pride ourselves in being a true partner to our business owners. People always say, nobody will care as much about your business as you do but we’re here to challenge that thought.


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