Take Control of the Numbers
that Drive Your Business!


Financial data can be confusing. We help you understand the ‘why’ behind them and what drives your revenue, profit and cash so you can be intentional about growth.


You’re wearing so many hats and there’s endless tasks to do. We help you understand where you should focus to make a real difference in your business.


Owning a business can be a lonely place. We help you take the guesswork out of running your business and we’ll be by your side, giving you peace-of-mind.


Psst…your numbers are trying to tell you something
but you don’t know what it is.

We translate those confusing numbers into a story – a story which we help you take action on to improve your profits, cash and gain peace-of-mind – creating a business which helps you achieve your goals.

No accounting speak. No need to be a finance guru.
No nonsense. Just results.


Your business falls apart without you.

The Problem: You being the expert in your craft is an advantage to getting the business started but now it’s become a disadvantage. You wear all the hats – the ones you’re good at and the ones you’re not good at. At this point you can’t grow the business because you’re too busy being the business.

The Solution: We help you build a business which can work without you working in every role or working longer and harder.

You don't have enough profit or cash and don't know why.

The Problem: You don’t have the cash you want or need and without the cash you cannot create more profit. You’re stuck.

The Solution: We help you make more money from your business so you can pay yourself more or re-invest it back into the business to generate more cash. We will spot the red flags and opportunities for increasing profit margin without necessarily increasing sales.

You don't have a simple way to know what's working/not working in the business.

The Problem: You might be looking at too many numbers, or none at all. Are they even the right numbers to watch? Standard financial reports from Quickbooks? Pfff…those are confusing/not helpful because they weren’t made for you (a business owner) – they were made for accountants, investors and Wall Street. What about a bookkeeper or CPA? Well they are paid to focus on recording past transactions and keep you square with the IRS. All necessary tasks but that doesn’t help you understand how to build a more profitable business. 

The Solution: We build a scoreboard for your business so you’ll always understand not just your financial health but what functions of your business are working as they should.

You don't have clear goals, or a vision, for your business.

The Problem: You started a business and business happened. You never had a chance to reflect on what you need out of the business or what you want it to be “when it grows up” so, you’re driving without a destination. Because of this, you cannot set targets for what drives your revenue, profit and cash flow. At this point you’re just hoping to arrive at a better destination than where you’re at today.

The Solution: We help you establish clear goals for your business down to what drives revenue, profit and cash flow so we create the outcome you want rather than hope it happens.

You don't know what to focus on or what to do make a real difference.

The Problem: Stepping over dollars to pick up dimes. Shiny object syndrom. No shortage of tasks screaming at you 24/7. However, you don’t know what to focus on to make a difference in your profit and cash flow…your bank account. You don’t have a trusted resource or a system to help understand where to focus you and your team’s efforts.

The Solution: We develop a plan for your business and help you see where to focus your time and resources. When this plan is achieved, you will hit your goals and have a growing, more profitable business generating the cash you want as the owner.



In the first few weeks we will get to know you and your business, understanding your goals.

Right away we will build a plan designed to improve the profit and cash flow of your business and achieve the goals.



Each month we will analyze your business and financial health.

We will determine exactly what’s holding you back from more profit, cash flow and achieving the established goals for you and the business.



Each month we will give you a straightforward business scoreboard.

This will clearly show you what’s going right and what’s going wrong in the business. Don’t worry, it’s built for business owners, not accountants.


You will always know what to focus on this month, no more confusion.

We help you develop a short list of the most important “next steps” that need to happen in the next 30-days to stay on track.

After our kickoff process and target setting is complete, we will meet monthly via Zoom to discuss your business owners’ scoreboard and your Action Plan. While this is happening, you’ll be building a better business, one which can survive without you, not because of you.

When you need us in between, you reach out and we help. Whether it’s a question about your Action Plan, you’re stuck on a challenge or decision, or you need a simple tool to better run your business, we help you. This is what it means to have us by your side.

Examples of other decisions we can help with: understanding breakeven or ROI, analyzing cost of sales/gross profit, pricing analysis, analyzing marketing spend and more.


Is there an ideal size of the business for this?

While our framework works for any size business, we’ve found our most successful partnerships to be with companies between $500K and $5M in annual revenue when we started working together.

We’ve found if you’re under $500K, there’s not enough levers to pull yet for us to back up our claim that we will not be a cost to your business due to helping grow profit.

Additionally, while we hope to be with companies well beyond $5M, we’ve found that business owners over this threshold likely have enough profit dollars to not have the same drive to experience change in their business.

So what are we? Are we CFOs?

Yes, many owners we work with refer to us as their “CFO”.

We are what you get when you mash together a CFO + experienced business advisor ranging from marketing to sales to operations and HR + business owner therapist!

Whatever you want to call that is fine with us (as long as it’s nice). We’re just here to help you get results. Click here to learn more about us.

Who do we best work with?

While our framework is industry agnostic, because our approach makes for a solid foundation for any business, we know service-based business like the back of our hand. We have extensive experience in high-growth small-to-medium services business. Many owner exits, M&A transactions and appearances on the Inc. 5000 list. We have direct experience owning or influencing marketing, sales, operations, finance, HR, legal, etc. Businesses that heavily rely on it’s people is what we know and what we love.

Additionally, we heavily focus on determining if we are a good fit to work with the business owner.

Common qualities are: Those who are ready to grab the bull by the horns. You’re either sick of how things are or need guidance getting to the next level. Things are getting bigger, fast and you need help. You’re an action taker and not looking for a silver bullet, you’re ready to act with intentionality and purpose. While our framework and process works, it requires your effort to work ON your business (but we’ll guide you).

How are we different from your bookkeeper or CPA?

They record your past transactions, we use the data they record (in addition to other data) to inform the work we do together. We are here to help you understand what’s working and what’s not working in your business and what to do about it and our analysis extends beyond your basic financial statements. We tell you what’s working and not working in your business – down to marketing, sales and operational issues.

We are here to monitor and improve profit and cash flow while helping you get from where you are today, to what helps you achieve your vision and goals.

You don't like talking numbers - will this still work?

Yes. The numbers and your data simply inform us of how your business is performing, in what areas. Some customers like discussing their numbers in depth, some don’t. Either way is fine. What’s important is, we at Ascendwise know what numbers to look at to help you grow your profits and your business and where to go next to do so.

How often do we meet and how?

We will meet monthly via Zoom. However, if you are faced with a question on your action plan items, confused about next steps or need to talk through a challenge in your business, we encourage you to reach out. We are here to see you succeed.

Do we require a contract?

No. We prefer to keep customers due to results, not contracts. We value relationships built on trust and performance over legalities.

How much does this cost?

We need to go through the free financial assessment to give you an exact price, but we charge a monthly fixed fee typically starting around $1,800/month because…

1. It’s straightforward and you always know what to expect.
2. We don’t want you to feel nickel and dimed by reaching out to have us help you. Our ultimate goal is to help you be more profitable and thrive and a phone call or email shouldn’t get in the way of that.

Everything you spend money on should have an ROI and we’re no exception. If we’re a good fit to work together, we will more than cover our monthly fee from helping you increase profits.

We simply won’t take from a small business where we cannot do that.

With that said, we offer a quarterly or annual clarity session for customers who are not yet a ‘right fit’ for our monthly program due to size. You’ll leave the session with the same clear path to achieving your goals, and a plan of action, as our monthly customers do.


  • MORE CASH. Keep more of your sales in your pocket.
  • MARGINS GROWTH. More efficient with your time & profit.
  • LESS HEADACHES. Reduced confusion, stress & worry.
  • CLARITY. Know what areas of your business work, or not.
  • FOCUS. Know where to spend your time as business owner.
  • DIRECTION. Know where you’re going and how to get there.
  • FREEDOM. Of time & money. (Maybe a vacation?)
  • INCREASED VALUE. Your business will be worth more.


1. Book a call – let’s make sure we’re a fit.

2. We give you a FREE financial assessment.

3. Get started with your new Chief Profit Officer and have a clear plan for this year in the first 2 weeks!